The Divine Journey

What is a Divine Journey? It's healing with intention, which leads to a more purpose filled Life. Understanding Self and Divine Counterpart (soul mate) Union and welcoming an abundant (happy) livelihood.

Views and perceptions of the Divine Journey. I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient, these are both aspects of Self that are hard to tune out of. So I communicate with Spirit or hear them, at present most of the time. I have been through a difficult experience, under the influence of a Kundalini Awakening and I’m coming out the other side of this.

'This darkest hour', known as the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is a cleansing and clearing of the stagnant energy in our lower energetic centres, known as Chakras. This is the basis of this blog, for it is essential that we understand this is a part of our Divine Healing, whether we have found or met our counterpart energy - we go through cycles and this is something that can happen many times before we come into full abundance and holding in our Feminine Energy and Flow.

I see this part of the Divine Journey similar to the relationship portrayed in The Pirates of the Carribbean, for me I have met my Soul Mate and I funnily enough have Calypso on my leg. Something I often regret through these times, but I understand she is part of my journey. I believe once our family curses are worked through, and we find unconditional love for our ancestral lineage, breaking open anything that holds us down… ‘dead in the water’, if we are still here, if we are still progressing one day at a time - we are still very much alive, moving forward and lifting us up through the obstacles that are highlighted in our ascension. The Dark Night of the soul. This usually happens when one or two individuals, Divine Counterparts have gone through a time of Fear of Love and this can be when they meet each-other and seperate to do individual work / the Dark Night on their own before moving towards union.

Lets go right back to before birth, our nature of reality is that we have soul contracts with many people, through many timelines. To allow not only our evolution, but the evolution of the planet. Some of us are very old souls that have completed soul contracts in lifetimes, in other Earth planes. This is our roll, to bring the whole planet out of darkness. An important time for the Earth plane right now…

We come into a specific life path, and as a tree grows, there are obstacles in its way and it must become adaptable to reach its most abundant, flourishing, wonky self.

The way we build our foundations, is essential or detrimental to the evolution of our counterpart journey, or Divine Journey. How sturdy our childhood is, but also how conditioned we are impacts our timelines. We may go into something, that afterwards didn’t feel like it should have been part of our journey, or it brought pain and suffering. This is the basis of the Dark Night of The Soul. How long did we hold on to the job, career, relationship, financial problem, addiction, situation? Knowing that deep down it wasn’t making you feel whole.

When we are so misaligned from what you are doing, from what you are supposed to be doing you’re made to feel extremely uncomfortable. Your circumstances become unbearable, you ignore it and carry on in the same cycles. Then one day the carpet is pulled from your feet and the voice in your head says ‘shit, I’ve nowhere else to go but down the path I should have taken some time ago.’ This is the journey.

You then, must face yourself for the first time in your life. You are on the journey of understanding your deepest cycles, habits and fears. And it’s those 3rd and 4th dimensions, the Earth Plane and our ancestors views, influences, understandings, as well as ignorance, control and status templates that we must break-through and reform firmly so that we can all ascend to a better time and place.

It’s here we start to embed our truth, our potential and our future. Instilling new beliefs, in self, the oneness and our individual Divine Journey. As humans we are thee most evolved species on Earth, we have the benefits of multidimensional realities by that I mean, multitasking, multiple purposes in this sense of the work. The Realist and Rasional Masculine Energy tends to focus his abilities on one key area of focus. Where as the Creative and Flowing Feminine, and we embody both aspects in harmonious union, is more the various potentials in which form an abundant timeline for New Earth.

Living in a 5D reality, is living in a multiple possibilities reality; welcoming in newness, freshness and allowing the bees to come into our stable, expressive and solid grounding formation with multiple opportunities and income streams... Living 'Happily Ever After'.

Some people may choose to go through their innerwork together, as a couple, or may not have soul contracts in this lifetime that allow for deep ascension and evolution. We are all on our own journeys, trust in the process is key to surrendering to the Divine.

YO'GAIN Online Courses, help to instil purpose and connecting with SELF. Understanding your truth and initiating your Divine Path.

Art by Robert Mesure

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